(Psalm 100: 1-3 ; 33: 2-3  John 4:24 ;Ephesians5:19 )
Christians must worship in spirit and in truth . Scriptural expression of worship include  private devotions, group worship, praising with loud noise, singing, playing musical instruments, praying aloud, raising hands, clapping hands and dancing before the Lord for His grace, mercy and love

We propose developing  an assembly  where every member is involved  in ministry. Working together , the Church staff and congregation shall take the Church outside the walls and into the community. This dedicated team shall eternally affect this area with the same wonderful truth that the early Church practiced and preached.

First and foremost The Rock Church shall be a house of prayer and then we shall affect the community and beyond by providing services led by the spirit, filled with exuberant praise and worship, anointed singing and powerful preaching and teaching.
Reaching out to our community in creative ways that will offer the wounded, the sick, and the unsaved an opportunity to experience Pentecost.

Our Churches
Apostolisch Centrum "De Rots" - Beerse
Pastor: Bart Van Gorp
Adress: Gasthuisstraat, 36 - 2340 Beerse
Phone: +32 (0) 498 34 24 63
Website: http://www.derots-vpg.be
Centre Evangélique "Le Rocher" - Anderlecht
Pastor: Filippo Ciulla
Adress: Rue scheutveld, 33 - 1070 Anderlecht
Phone: +32 (0) 474 918 398
Centre Evangélique "Le Rocher" - Mons
Pastor: Stéphane Ekofo
Adress: Rue Léopold II, 20 - 7000 Mons
Phone: +32 (0) 478 67 28 24